Research and Development


Consider the case of a setUID binary that runs as root and allows the caller to execute certain other scripts and binaries from a given restricted directory. The Portcullis Labs team recently spotted such a case and I was asked to take a look to determine exploitablity. What follows is a short analysis of what I found. Continue reading

We recently announced our sponsorship of EMF Camp 2014, were ready to go Portcullis flags in tow and will be heading on over to Milton Keynes to help get EMF ready.

While there we will not only be sponsoring the Lounge where people can come and enjoy a space to relax and drink beer and setting up Portcullis Village where people can visit us and exchange ideas but we will be having members of Portcullis hosting talks throughout the weekend. Continue reading

Early this morning, whilst checking my mail, I saw an interesting advisory come out on one of the lists. The fact that it affects AIX 7.1 was particularly interesting because this is the most recent release. Unlike some of the other commercial UNIX vendors, IBM make their security patches nice and accessible, so I decided to take it for a spin. Continue reading