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This document is a written form of a workshop and presentation I gave at Portcullis Labs in late July 2015. It is a beginner’s walkthrough to understand the recent Flash bug that was discovered in Hacking Team’s pocket and given the sweet name of CVE-2015-5119. It was found and exploited by Vitaliy Toropov. Continue reading

Some bugs are so simple and so elegant that you wonder how it is possible that no one has found them until now. Those are my favorites. They are simple, they do not involve memory corruption and most of the time they do not even need an advanced exploit code to abuse it. Stéphane Chazelas’ Bash bug is one of these bugs. Continue reading

The purpose of this tool is to catch crashes from OS X applications and print debugging information such as registers, disassembled code and a memory dump of the stack. The intended use is with the conjunction of an application fuzzer. Continue reading

The purpose of this document is to present a technical report of the CVE-2013-5065 vulnerability. A few days ago, FireEye identified a 0 day kernel exploit embedded within a PDF document actively used in the wild. The vulnerability itself is present in the NDProxy kernel driver. Whilst this is present in all versions of Windows, the vulnerability itself is only present in Windows 2003 and XP. The NDProxy driver is responsible for interfacing NDISWAN and CoNDIS WAN drivers to the TAPI services. Continue reading

This document aims to present a technical report of the CVE-2013-0640 vulnerability targeting Adobe Reader version 9, 10 and 11. It was first spotted in February 2013 and has been used actively in the wild. This is the first article of a set. It covers the full detailed analysis of the bug. Continue reading