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RPDscan (Remmina Password Decrypt Scanner) is a tool to find and decrypt saved passwords in Remmina RDP configurations.

Key features

  • Finds every Remmina configuration file and preferences
  • Decrypts every saved password for every user it finds
  • Python based for easy access and speed


Remmina is a well used Linux based RDP connection software, as many people who use Linux use Remmina for connecting to multiple machines they often save the password for each connection, Remmina stores this password in an encrypted manner using a private key hidden in a seperate preference file for each user on the Linux machine. RPDscan actively finds these preference files and extracts the private key then uses this key to decrypt all of the saved passwords and then displays to the user the username the password and computer details.


  • Python
  • Linux target


Download the script onto your target machine and run, there is no installation required for this tool.


# python

RPDscan is initially set to search only the /home directory as 99% of all files will be in that location, however the python file can easily be edited to include the entire / tree.


# python
found this pref file /home/fc/.remmina/remmina.pref========
Found a conf file: /home/fc/.remmina/1366367609312.remmina
Saved password:




Found a conf file: /home/fc/.remmina/1366641829516.remmina


Saved password:





Here you can see that RPDscan has found two saved password files and extracted all the data you need to connect.

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