Research and Development

polenum is a python script which can be used to get the password policy from a Windows machine.

It uses the Impacket library from CORE Security Technologies to extract the password policy information from a Windows machine. This allows a non-Windows (Linux, Mac OSX, BSD etc..) user to query the password policy of a remote Windows box without the need to have access to a Windows machine to perform the query.

Key features

  • Can extract password and associated information from a windows machine
  • Will connect over a NULL or authenticated share
  • Supports encrypted/signed sessions


  • No NTLMv2 support
  • Has a problem with domain connected workstations
Polenum-0.2 Tar
April 26, 2013
5.9 KiB
MD5 hash: 4101c2acfa5442bd75418afaa405624d

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