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Presentation on Zero Trust and the importance of identity in breach response and recovery (as given at InfoSec Europe 2019 on the tech talk track).

Richard Dean, Cisco’s EMEAR Head Of Security Advisory Services looks at Cisco’s approach to zero trust.

This talk discusses the need to monitoring your users’ access and privileges and how securing them as they interact with the Internet is core to a Zero Trust approach to cybersecurity. Richard doesn’t just stop there though but rather moves on to look at what happens if you’re facing a deliberate attempt to steal your users’ identities in order to take advantage of these privileges? In this talk, you’ll learn how to manage identity effectively, as well as the importance of software defined networks in the drive to zero trust and rapid threat containment.

Learning outcomes:

  1. Learn how to manage identity and access management effectively
  2. The importance of software defined networks in enabling rapid threat containment
  3. The first steps an organisation should take to start on the Zero Trust journey
  4. Aligning corporate and personal security practices to get better adoption from staff, identify and password management
  5. The importance of Software defined networks in the drive to Zero Trust
June 18, 2019
1.6 MiB
MD5 hash: 14981f12020f7774971ef61b8229188a

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