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We are pleased to announce that two of our security consultants, Graham Sutherland and Tim Brown, will be presenting at the upcoming BSides London security conference on the 29th of April.

BSides London is an annual community-driven security conference which, this year, will be taking place at the Kensington and Chelsea Town Hall in London.

Graham’s talk coincides with the disclosure of a set of vulnerabilities in the administration features of the Citrix NetScaler appliance, which will be discussed in the talk.

Graham has provided the following abstract for his talk:

“Breaking binary protocols and bad crypto”

This talk is a running account of a few weeks spent attacking and reverse-engineering a widely deployed network device. Graham went from having little knowledge of the system, to producing some powerful and interesting exploits. The focus of this talk is more towards how the issues were found, rather than the issues themselves. To that end, a generic set of hints and tips will be proposed for analysing and attacking binary protocols, including a method for classifying and identifying unknown cryptography used on data.

While Tim will be presenting “Mobile application testing considerations” and has provided the following abstract for his workshop:

“Mobile Application testing considerations”

This workshop represents a quick dive into the world of mobile application testing, focusing on Android but with consideration for Windows Mobile, BB10 and iOS. It will be based on Portcullis’ mobile application testing methodology although it will cover much of the equivalent OWASP methodology of which I am a contributor. It will cover testing from a network perspective as well as how you assess the attack surface an application presents locally.

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