Research and Development

NOPC, the Nessus-based offline patch checker for Linux distributions and UNIX-based systems has had some changes made and been made available in our tools section. This article discusses the new features in detail and provides some working examples.

Updated features and bug fixes

  • Improvements to the interactive mode (e.g. asking for what format for results to be displayed)
  • Hidden systems/distributions now displayed and re-ordered (see Usage)
  • Script consolidated back to one file
  • Testing script with shellcheck
  • Default location set for nasl and plugin directory


$ -?
/opt/bin/ [Options]
Version:  0.4.7d
  -?: This usage page
  -d: Location of Nessus Plugins directory
  -n: Location of nasl program directory
  -s: System Type (with optional arguments)
  -l: Output Type
  -v: Version of NOPC

Where system type is one of:
 1 - AIX
 2 - HP-UX
 3 - MacOS X *
 4 - Solaris (!11) *
 5 - Debian
 6 - FreeBSD
 7 - Gentoo
 8 - Mandrake
 9 - Redhat
 10 - Redhat (Centos)
 11 - Redhat (Fedora)
 12 - Slackware
 13 - SuSE *
 14 - Ubuntu
 15 - Cisco IOS/ASA *


Where output type is one of:
 0 - Displays Outdated Packages only
 1 - Displays NASL name and Outdated Packages
 2 - CSV output of CVE, KB and description (comma)
 3 - CSV output of CVE, CVSSv2, Severity, KB, Description (comma)
 4 - CSV output of CVE, KB and description (tab)
 5 - CSV output of CVE, CVSSv2, Severity, KB, Description (tab)

** Entering no parameters will run this in wizard mode walking you through the data collection for your desired system

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