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This year, Portcullis are running a USB Scavenger Hunt at EMF Camp. For those of you attending, we’ve written this post to give you all the instructions and rules you need to get underway. Good luck!


This is a cross between a scavenger hunt and a CTF event. Each USB key will contain a puzzle which has to be solved, giving the location of the next USB key. These puzzles aren’t security specific, so anyone technically minded should be able to take part. If you’d like to participate, come along to the Portcullis Village and we’ll point you towards the first location.

Please note: These USB keys are not guaranteed to be safe! The team before you may have left all sorts of nasties on there. Please use sensible precautions, as you would when plugging any unknown device into your computer.


  • Please don’t remove the USB keys from their locations, or move them from where you found them. This will ruin the fun for others!
  • Once you find a USB key, copy the contents off before you start working on the challenge.
  • Please don’t alter the contents of the USB keys.
  • Have Fun!


If you have any issues, think something is wrong, or just need some help, please come and find us at the village!

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