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We recently announced our sponsorship of EMF Camp 2014, were ready to go Portcullis flags in tow and will be heading on over to Milton Keynes to help get EMF ready.

While there we will not only be sponsoring the Lounge where people can come and enjoy a space to relax and drink beer and setting up Portcullis Village where people can visit us and exchange ideas but we will be having members of Portcullis hosting talks throughout the weekend.

How Many Bugs Can A Time Server Have? Friday 29th @ 14:00PM Stage B

Portcullis members Tim Brown and Mike Emery will be talking about a number of new advisories to be released by Portcullis during the event including remote root in a network device. The attack surface area will be broken down, with the bugs in each area exposed. The impact of the finding as a whole will then be discussed, with the consequences potentially reaching far beyond the compromised device itself!

Minimal Effort Web Application Security (a.k.a. how to make my job harder) Sunday 31st @ 12:00 Stage C

Portcullis member Graham Sutherland will be presenting his quick tips on making your web applications more resistant to common attack vectors, without putting a lot of effort in. Graham says “In some cases, simply adding a like to a configuration file can completely prevent entire classes of attack from being viable”. Graham will take a look at hardening against XSS, SQL injection, click jacking, password cracking, and a few other bits if there’s time. “With any luck, you’ll make my job a lot harder!”

For those spoilt for choice both talks will be featured in our EMF blog to be posted after the event.

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